For Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference – Individually or in a Team!

Do you love making a difference? We do, too. As one of the leading e-commerce companies, we offer our employees, and anybody who would like to become one, interesting and versatile jobs.

We want you to feel content and happy. We value and support responsible and independent action. That is why we delegate responsibilities to our employees after only a short period of time. Our hierarchy remains flat which results in a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere, good interactions and a great team spirit. From flexible working arrangements, trainings corresponding to your needs to healthy snacks and refreshments in the office – the range of our qualities is broad. This is the reason why pharma mall is the best place to pursue a career.



And What Do You Get Out of It?

A satisfied and healthy person is most productive. Employees at pharma mall benefit from a constant selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, juices in winter time, mobile canteen services, health care management, free gym membership (fitness center UrbanSportsClub) and coffee of course.

Education Instead of Imagination

Every year pharma mall trains apprentices in the following areas:

IT specialists – system integration (m/f/o)
IT specialists – application development (m/f/o)
Merchants for office management (m/f/o)

Apply now for an Apprenticeship in 2021

The quality of education is evident in its sustainable results. Thanks to the successful cooperation between our instructors and the IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce), we provide a further professional perspective for our apprentices after they have completed their training program.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions or need for further information, please feel free to contact our person in charge for all human resources affairs. We are happy to help.

Katharina Wagner
Human Resources Manager

pharma mall GmbH
Westerwaldstr. 10-12
53757 Sankt Augustin / Germany
phone: +49 2241 2543-412
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